New Technology Approaches Can Solve Complex U.S. Navy Problems

By: Cmdr. Jamie Gateau, USN (Ret.), SIGNAL Magazine

“U.S. Navy commanders often struggle to deliver uninterrupted communications at sea without the added complications of providing command and control in denied or degraded environments. They face a double whammy of operational and technical hurdles.

Processes for developing concepts of operations are complex, painstaking and exacting. Although technology sets the boundaries for what is possible, most of the hard work is decidedly nontechnical. It lies in determining which signals and messages have priority, which data sources and destinations are critical, and which ones can be relegated—and for how long.

That is not meant to understate the technological obstacles Navy leaders grapple with—hurdles the private sector already has solved. Solutions can be found in software-defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV) and network policy orchestration. These technologies hold the keys to enabling command and control in a denied or degraded environment (C2D2E) afloat and enhancing security, mission capability and flexibility ashore.”

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